Business Law

Helping You Protect Your Company

Both new and established businesses face legal challenges nearly each and every day. At Starr Law Firm, our attorneys offer business owners personalized and customized legal representation and advice to address such challenges.

When you encounter an issue that potentially impacts your business, our experienced lawyers will provide you with detailed legal guidance about the most effective methods available in your present situation.

We will work with you one-on-one to develop a strategic plan that helps you minimize the obstacles threatening your business. Whether you are an entrepreneur starting a business or an experienced business owner addressing an issue that arises during day-to-day operations, you will have a law firm that will help you take appropriate action to achieve your goals and to put you in the best possible position for continued and sustained success.

Experienced Representation In All Forms Of Business Law

With over 50 years of combined legal experience, we have earned the trust of and created many long-lasting relationships with business owners across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Our team assists with a host of different matters regarding business law, including:

  • Business Formation – Starting a business is much more complicated than most individuals realize. We guide you through the process, explaining your options in detail and offering you recommendations you can rely upon to make the right decisions. We will find the right business entity for you with considerations toward tax consequences, structure and limitation of liability.
  • Business and Commercial Transactions – You depend upon the contracts you have with customers, suppliers, employees and other partners of your company. We can review existing agreements, draft new contracts and help you protect your interests at all times.
  • General Counsel Services – During the life cycle of your business, you may encounter new challenges or opportunities that leave you uncertain about the best way to move forward. Our attorneys will meet with you one-on-one and present you with a detailed strategy tailored toward your specific interests.

As business owners ourselves, we relate to the issues you are going through and understand the big picture for a business owner. We look at things from your perspective and offer you advice about what we would do if we were in your situation. We are partners you can trust.


Facilitating Business And Commercial Transactions

Business and commercial transactions allow owners to advance their goals at any stage of the business lifecycle. Whether you are in the process of forming your entity, seek to acquire another company or are developing a succession plan, working with a knowledgeable attorney can ensure that you navigate required procedures effectively.

Our attorneys at Starr Law Firm, leverage over 50 years of business, commercial and tax experience when they facilitate transactions for business owners. We are well-versed in the state and federal statutes that regulate these processes, which allows us to conclude matters efficiently. Our ability to accomplish your objectives in a timely fashion saves time and expense.

Representing Clients For A Variety Of Transactional Matters

Our lawyers design detailed contracts that help owners reduce legal risk and secure favorable outcomes. We regularly draft and negotiate:

  • Employment, vendor, supplier, partnership and shareholder agreements
  • Purchase, sale or lease agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements

Our attorneys take a strategic approach when advising Texas business owners of their merger or acquisition options. Before recommending a course of action to you, we will examine your assets and obligations. We conduct due diligence to determine whether completing these transactions will support your business goals.

As your advocates, we will negotiate aggressively to ensure that you receive optimal terms before you finalize your agreement. When we review or revise these terms, we will keep you apprised of the repercussions associated with decisions you make. It is crucial that you remain well-informed throughout this process.


Assisting Owners With General Counsel Services

The diverse and developing economy in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex provides myriad options for business owners to grow and expand their enterprise. To remain competitive, however, owners must take a proactive approach to limit the impact legal matters can have on their entity’s bottom line.

Starr Law Firm offers general counsel services to business owners who seek to address challenges or capitalize on opportunities when they first appear. Led by founding attorney, Bert Starr, our business lawyers provide in-house attentiveness and identify creative legal solutions for a range of business and commercial issues.


Providing Adept Counsel On Your Schedule

Our attorneys have decades of combined legal experience in facilitating transactions throughout the area. As an established business law firm, we understand the concerns business owners have that are distinct to this area and tailor our advice accordingly. We are easily accessible, offering insightful counsel in a timely fashion.

When you retain us to support in a general counsel capacity, you can rely on us to handle your legal issues so that you can concentrate on running and developing your business. Our comprehensive range services include:

  • Designing, negotiating and reviewing contracts
  • Assisting in partnership and board meetings
  • Assisting with tax audits
  • Performing due diligence
  • Advising on state and federal compliance matters
  • Developing risk management strategies

Utilizing our background in business, commercial, tax and real estate law, our lawyers provide informed advice aimed to mitigate your liabilities and advance your objectives. Our expansive legal insight allows us to recognize a variety of options and approaches for your legal matters.